these are some rules for five nights at Freddy's wikia

upload photos rules Edit

  • don't upload photos not used for the game
  • don't upload photos for another game or show
  • don't re-upload deleted photo
  • upload photo used for the game
  • upload photo belong to five nights at Freddy's

upload videos rules Edit

  • upload video for five nights at Freddy's
  • don't upload video for another game or show

other rules Edit

  • don't upload fan arts
  • don't upload gameplay with the player face
  • If you do things such as vandalism, false information once or twice you will be given a warning if done a third time this will result in a ban the longest being permanent. The length of the ban will be based upon how bad the situation was.

all these rules could help for making the wiki nice for help leave me a massage in my massage wall by pro5060